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We make web and mobile applications

If you need to improve your business or have an idea how to conquer the world with a web or mobile application, you’ve come to the right place. Call us or write to us and we will take care of the rest, which will allow you to stay ahead of your competition. Don’t wait for a better moment, it’s right now that you’re reading this sentence.

Take advantage of our free estimation and be sure that what you want to build you will find with us:

  • Software tailored to your needs.
  • Modern solutions that give you an advantage over your competition
  • Improving processes in your company
  • Integration with existing software
  • Advice on the further development of your application
  • Taking care of the safety and legality of the running application
  • Savings resulting from the digitization of your company
  • Peace of mind and more time for your loved ones

If at least one of the above sentences helps you or your company, then read more

Creating such a complex product as a working web or mobile application is not a simple task, so choosing an experienced contractor is extremely important, we have several years of experience behind us. People in our team started creating software in 2007.

Our team has a person dealing with the design of user-friendly interfaces (User Experience), so before starting work on your application, you will be able to see for yourself whether the product we provide you is in line with your vision.

Technologies in which we create our applications
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Typescript
  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • MongoDB
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Why with us?


Apps are our core product, our daily bread, our workshop and craftsmanship. Some of us have 15 years of experience in creating them. Over the years, we have learned not only how to create software, but we also understand business needs and we are able to meet them.


We start with getting to know your needs. We approach the valuation and contract very individually, over which you have a great influence. We not only focus on technical aspects, but also advise on further business processes such as marketing and further development of your software.

Peaceful sleep

We have been running a business for years and, just like you, we want to have a calm head and a light sleep, we do not want surprises or unreliable people who cannot fulfill their obligations, so we do not dream at night 🙂


If this application is your personal or business dream, we will make it come true without hesitating. We don’t have a magic wand or sorceries, but we have knowledge and technology and we will not hesitate to use them to please you.


We believe that when we take care of ourselves and our clients, we create a very strong business bond and sometimes even something more. That is why we strive to meet for coffee and get to know each other better.

Application development process

  • We get to know your needs

  • We design

  • We submit for preliminary approval

  • We program

  • We test

  • We pass it on for approval

  • We implement

Individual stages:

  • We get to know your needs - we talk to you as long as it is necessary so that we can understand what we have to achieve in the end. We often advise and share our experience in this step
  • We design - together with our UX / UI Designer we design mockups of your application in accordance with your guidelines
  • We submit for pre approval - after the design of the mock-ups is completed, we go through them with you and make sure that we have included everything we need on them. We make the final adjustments at this point.
  • We program - our gray cells and keyboards work to achieve the desired effect
  • We test - Our software is tested for safety, performance and stability. At this point, we invite you or your team to play with the application for the first time
  • We submit for approval - we are waiting for the green light from you
  • We deploy - Your application is online, you, your team or your customers can use it
Talk to an expert
Not sure yet? I hope a few facts will help you make the right decision and trust us.
Tomasz Rogalski

This is where I wanted to say hello to you. I am the frontman of the MadeByRogal company, you probably don’t know me (because I’m not a celebrity) so let the numbers say for me. Since 2007, I have been operating on the IT market, where I have gone through various career levels as: programmer, leader, and finally a person building my own business and team. During this time, I was responsible for the development of over 100 projects in 4 main programming languages (PHP, Javascript with Typescript, Python, C) to this set I will add about 30 different technologies related to databases, servers and integration with external tools and applications.

Since 2016, I have been successfully running a company that supports other entrepreneurs in the field of software and programmer outsourcing. Our methods of building applications are primarily focused on the quality, experience and appropriate commitment of our developers. Our process does not end with delivering the application to you, but with the continuous support of your company and improvement of your product.

You want to know why we are unique and what distinguishes us from others
  • 01
    We are a small software house and we don't care about the quantity For us, customers matter because they build the future with us. We want to take care of them properly, we want to have time to get to know them well and establish long-term relationships. That is why we do not focus on quantity and we do not create applications like cars in a factory. Each business is specific and requires an individual approach. When creating an application for you, our team is focused on it and not on 10 other projects.
  • 02
    We always focus on quality Our team is very aware and knows from the very beginning that the well-being of our clients is very important. Providing half-solutions is unacceptable for us. We are not code purists, but quality is one of our most important values. To maintain the right quality with dynamically changing technology, we put a lot of energy and heart into self-development.
  • 03
    We focus on selected technologies but we are highly specialized in them We understand the technology in which we work and we know very well how difficult it is to specialize in a given field. That is why we do not enter nonsense here that we have 100+ specialists in every possible technology. We do not try to be of everything, but what we focus on is leading technologies and trend observation. We believe that real craftsmen improve their workshop over the years, but they do not change it very often in their lives.
  • 04
    We think of our partners as our business family Our family includes our team and our clients. We always warmly and personally welcome new partners to our family. Each time we devote time to get to know each other live (if possible), so that we can take better care of you. We really care about a sincere and long-term commitment. It does not end with signing the contract, because our process involves collecting feedback from you, sharing knowledge and advising on the further development of your business.
  • 05
    Affiliate Agreements Affected We treat our contracts with clients very honestly. Our contracts are prepared individually. Before signing it, if something seems unfavorable to you, we are willing to negotiate. We believe in the win-win principle and we apply it in business.
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Why is worth to take advantage of our offer?
  • A stable team Our team may not be the largest and we will not beat the Microsoft, but we take care of ourselves and our clients.
  • Strict specialization We are not renaissance people. We support the technology we know, and we know it very well.
  • Honest business We use legal software and pay taxes fairly, and so do our relationship with our clients.
Don't waste another year! Start with us building your application today
  • Can you afford it to deal with the stagnation in your company for another year?
  • Do you want to postpone your idea for another year and let yourself be ahead of the competition?
  • Do you have the time and energy to deal with unreliable companies once again?
  • I think you know what I mean. I think, deep in your heart, however, you feel that this is the moment when you make a decision to change in your company.
  • Do not waste at least the few minutes you spent on finding this offer and contact us, you will see how easy it is.
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Last realizations



Do we have a service

Yes. The applications that we create for our clients are maintained by us as long as our clients wish for it


Will I get the source codes

Yes. In accordance with the agreement, we transfer full copyrights and all application code


Is there a guarantee

Yes. We provide a 12-month warranty for our software.


Does the application run on different systems

Yes. The web application works on all major browsers. Mobile applications work on Android and iOS


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