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What we can do for you

For 16 years we have been designing and creating custom software for our clients. We support companies in facilitating their activities and work on the Internet. We create websites that help companies exist on the Internet. We also make applications tailored to your needs, which facilitate and improve processes in your company.

We advise, build, help, but above all we look for optimal solutions.

We provide our services with the painstaking quality, guided by acquired knowledge and experience. We are characterized by the high quality of our products.


We support your activities and team in making and design software

Are you run out of resources? Do you have an idea for an application that changes the lives of other people or help you bring your company to the global market but you don’t have IT-people?Let our specialists join your team and actively participate in the life of the product. We use our experience and resources to meet your needs.


We are creating web applications

We will implement your plan for the most sophisticated software, created for the needs of your company or your clients. We will make sure it is useful, safe and modern.


We support you in the selection of the product architecture

Do you have a team of less experienced developers and would like to take them to the next level? You are not sure if your technical solution will work in the current world which is changing at extremely high speed? Our most experienced man will dispel all your doubts and help your team. Our solution architect is characterized not only by great technical skills but also leadership skills that are so useful at the initial stage of the project.


We are creating web page and internet portals

If you take your first steps in business and would like to appear on the Internet, you definitely need a website. Our specialists will help you go through this process, creating for you a unique website presenting your company to a group of millions of people around the world. However, if you need a more advanced solution in the form of a web portal to reach a larger group of recipients, we will help you achieve this goal.


Project management

When you are not good with deadlines. Long conversations with clients are a big challenge. You don’t like to create tasks for development teams, supervise them and prepare reports for clients? With us, you are in the best hands of our project manager. The certificated Business Master will take care of these matters so that you can focus on the development of your company. In addition to leadership and organizational features, the project manager has also many years of technical experience.