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Outsourcing IT

Get selected programmers with very extensive experience.

This offer is for companies that need programming support for development
your IT projects to be able to do more and thus stay ahead of your competitors.

Give us 14 days and we will build for you
qualified IT team, thanks to which:

  • 01

    You will hire experienced professionals for your team.

  • 02

    You will get the stable development of your product.

  • 03

    You will stop worrying about the rotation in your team.

  • 04

    Your product will be developed safely.

  • 05

    Your business will stay ahead of its competitors.

  • 06

    You will get rid of fatigue and frustration during the recruitment processes.

  • 07

    You will have more time for yourself and your loved ones.

If at least one of the following sentences helps you
or your company then read more

As you probably know, recruiting the right people to your team is a difficult task. You have to pay attention to many aspects, know very well about selected technologies and psychology to be able to say that this is the right candidate for this position. Now, fortunately, you don’t need to know all of this to build your IT team. Just choose us. See what technologies we can help you with.

Technologies we are focusing on
  • JS
  • Typescript
  • React
  • NodeJS
  • MySQL
  • NoSQL
  • AWS
  • Docker
Talk to an expert
Perhaps you are asking yourself right now. Why should I trust them?
Tomasz Rogalski

This is where I wanted to say hello to you. I am the frontman of the MadeByRogal company, you probably don’t know me (because I’m not a celebrity) so let the numbers say for me. Since 2007, I have been operating on the IT market, where I have gone through various career levels as: programmer, leader, and finally a person building my own business and team. During this time, I was responsible for the development of over 100 projects in 4 main programming languages (PHP, Javascript with Typescript, Python, C) to this set I will add about 30 different technologies related to databases, servers and integration with external tools and applications.

Since 2016, I have been successfully running a company that supports other entrepreneurs in the field of software and programmer outsourcing. Our methods of building teams are primarily focused on the quality, experience and appropriate commitment of our developers. Our process does not end with delivering an employee to you, but with the continuous improvement of these 3 main features of our developers.

Competences of our developers
  • Quality
  • Expierence
  • Engagement
Go with us through the process of building your IT team in 3 simple steps, thanks to which your company will achieve spectacular results:
  • casual conversation with our experts
  • getting acquainted with individual offer and signing the contract
  • recruiting a new developer to your team
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Do you want to know why we are unique and what distinguishes us from others?
  • 01
    We are a small software house and we don't care about the quantity. People count for us because they build our future. We want to take care of them properly, we want to have time to get to know them well in order to be able to guarantee them. We want to create a business family around us. We do not want to allow for the more and more frequent tendency where only the CV of a given candidate is handed over and under the brand of a large company, poor quality is sold. We know our employees, the names of their partners and often children. We know when they have birthdays and what is important to them in life, as well as in personal development.
  • 02
    We are always focused on quality. Our team is very aware and knows from the very beginning that the well-being of our partners is very important. We require our developers to predict possible negative effects of using a given technology and to warn about it even at the cost of unpleasant truth. Providing half-solutions is unacceptable for us. We are not code purists, but quality is one of our most important values. To maintain the right quality with dynamically changing technology, we put a lot of energy and heart into the self-development of our team.
  • 03
    We focus on selected technologies but we are highly specialized in them. We understand the technology in which we work and we know very well how difficult it is to specialize in a given field. That is why we do not enter nonsense here that we have 100+ specialists in every possible technology. We do not try to be of everything, but what we focus on is leading technologies and trend observation. We believe that real craftsmen improve their workshop over the years, but they do not change it very often in their lives.
  • 04
    We think of our partners as our business family. Our family includes our team and our clients. We always warmly and personally welcome new partners to our family. Each time we devote time to get to know each other live (if possible), so that we can take better care of you. We really care about a sincere and long-term commitment. It does not end with signing the contract, because our process involves collecting feedback from you, sharing knowledge and advising on the further development of your business.
If you want to know more about us read on
Kim jesteśmy?
Who we are
Polish software house producing software and outsourcing programmers. Operating in an international environment. We work in the spirit of Agile with experienced developers who make up our team. The founder and manager of the company is Tomasz Rogalski, who has several years of experience in the field of IT. We have a wide range of knowledge and skills in terms of knowledge of websites and software created to cover the entire process of IT product development. We love life and always smile, but we also love technologies especially Javascript and TypeScript. We have been helping our clients as a company since 2016.
Our mission
We were established to help companies and entrepreneurs solve their problems in the field of Internet technologies. We strive to be a leader in the fields of broadly understood IT technology. We want to be recognizable through the use of advanced technology, mature development process and striving for the highest quality of services offered. Our highest desire is to solve our clients' problems and provide them with continued support in developing their own ideas.
our mission
Our values
  • Honesty It is impossible to build a good relationship when one party tries to be unfair to the other, we follow the win-win principle.
  • Responsibility We make sure that you can count on us, when making decisions, we do it in a rational and mature manner.
  • Development We care for the continuous development of a single person, team and the entire company, it is not a choice that is our responsibility.
  • The will to win When we undertake something, we finish it. We create a unique and positive relationship with our clients that does not end with the end of the project.
  • Involvement We provide our clients with unique products and services at premium value.
  • Quality We work in a team and it is very important to us, we use Agile technology, regardless of distances and boundaries.
  • Partnership We strive to be at the forefront of the best because there is more space for us and our clients.
Why is it worth
  • Proven candidates Our recruitment process is multi-stage. But the most important feature is that we place great emphasis on team and technical skills. We are looking for people with a passion for programming.
  • Strict specialization We are not renaissance people. We support technologies that we know, and we know them well.
  • Minimal risk If, for any reason, within 7 days, you find that the candidate does not fit in with your team, you will not incur any costs.
Don't waste another year! Start building your team with us today.
  • Can you afford it to struggle with stagnation in your company for another year?
  • Do you want to postpone your idea for another year and let yourself be ahead of the competition?
  • Do you have the time and energy to once again struggle with finding the right people for your team?
  • I think you know what I mean. I think, deep down in your heart, however, you feel that this is the moment when you decide to change your company.
  • Do not waste at least the few minutes you spent searching for this offer and contact us, you will see how easy it is.
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